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Travis May

As Director of Learning Technology & Innovation at Mastercard, Travis May is leading the conceptualization and application of Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) concepts in entirely new ways for the company. Focusing on fully immersive, real world business interactions, Travis is truly globalizing Mastercard’s interactions among employees, rapidly scaling the technology programs and giving employees on opposite sides of the world the opportunity to learn from each other, collaborate, and role play in innovative ways that is revolutionizing the way Mastercard approaches training and business development.

Recognizing the power of VR/AR, Travis is taking Mastercard’s training into the future and with fully immersive development for “soft skills” – negotiations, influence, and presentations. Leadership and management skills are also being enhanced and evaluated via fully immersive VR, where employees from around the world will meet in various multi-player environments – such as being stranded together on an island – and learning influence and negotiation concepts to react in real time, think strategically, and find solutions to problems. Additional VR/AR initiatives of enhancing the onboarding experience, future of operations, virtual tours, team collaboration sessions, and artificial intelligence integrated experiences are in various stages of exploration, development and scaling across the enterprise.

Mastercard teams from around the world are now collaborating and training together in ways that budget constraints hampered in the past. Travis’ innovative initiatives now allow real time, multi-site interaction and the sharing of global perspectives among employees from Sydney and Singapore to St. Louis, helping improve enterprise-wide thought leadership and collaboration. Travis is passionate about translating future technologies from the workplace to communities and is working closely with local universities and innovation ecosystems to tie entrepreneurs, companies, schools, and government together to connect cultures and thought.