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Philip Wogart

Hamburg, Germany
Philip Wogart founded HEADGEAR in early 2014 as a VR/AR studio focused on Entertainment, Marketing and Education/Training experiences. Since then it has become a research and development house solely focused on immersive experiences on mobiles and standalone HMDs. Working with the likes of Qualcomm, Epic Games, Google, Oculus, HTC, Pico Interactive, Zappar, 8th Wall, Roccat & Axel Springer.

His varied background includes being a Startup Founder twice over, a Product Evangelist for SaaS online marketing platforms; Games Producer on mobile/social apps; and even Java software development used in Blu-ray discs and pre-smartphone market. For the last couple years, he has also helped develop the Creative Technology curriculum at the Miami Ad School Europe, where he's responsible for teaching the Gaming and Immersive Technologies courses. Philip holds a Masters of Science degree in Virtual Environments from University College London’s Bartlett School of Architecture as well as chairs the Location Based Entertainment Committee for the VRARA.