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Michael Cohen

With over 20 years of solution development and commercialization experience within the global travel and hospitality industry, Michael Cohen is a leading subject matter expert when it comes to bridging the gap between concept/vision and scalability/adoption of consumer, guest, and passenger “front of the house” digital solutions as well as, staff and travel/hospitality brand HQ focused “back of house” technologies.

He has been responsible for bringing a series of emerging and innovative digital solutions to market and successful implementation with a range of global and regional hotel and travel brands. Throughout his career, he has held management and strategic advisor level roles with major enterprise companies as well as angel and venture-funded start-ups and scale-ups.

He is presently a strategic advisor and board member @ UgoVirtual - the Travel and Hospitality Virtual Solutions Company, a leading, vertical market-focused firm delivering virtual industry events, VR hotel tours and AR-related solutions to the global hospitality industry. ugovirtual.com