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Dogu Taskiran

Stambol Studios
Dogu is the CEO of Stambol Studios, a Vancouver-based creative technology studio specializing in highly immersive content and experiences through Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Dogu is an Expert Software Engineer and a leader with nearly 20 years of experience in high- performance interactive software applications. He started his career building various educational training applications and simulation systems in the defense industry. Following his passion for video games, he later moved to work on several award-winning AAA titles as a Lead Gameplay Programmer at Electronic Arts, and as the Studio Tech Lead and Expert Engine Programmer at Ubisoft. His love for highly-scalable projects further led him to join Microsoft as a Senior Software Engineer, where he built core graphics components of a large systems incubation project and helped define Microsoft's future technology stack. He later co-founded Stambol Studios to help their clients innovate by combining creativity with the power of disruptive technologies and build experiences that bridge the gap between physical and digital realities. With decades of experience in creating interactive entertainment applications, inspiring and memorable virtual experiences, Stambol is poised to change landscape in various industries with the power of immersive technologies.